A collection of scripts to Archive and Backup to CD/DVD with an archive tracking database backend. Maintains and tracks of multiple copies of files across media, with options to dump and archive MySQL (Remote and local) databases and subversion repositories.

In the early days of small system computing many people used to copy their days work to a floppy disk either when they had finished working or before they started working. The usual result either was a pile of floppy disks which either had to be manually indexed (but rarely were) or a situation where a few disks where used and the version of the file that was needed had just been zapped by the last backup.

The floppy disk is largely a redundant technology and has been superceeded by the USB stick and the CD/DVD. Modern document processors often generate documents that cannot be held on a single floppy disk. However (particularly in the *NIX world) the process of copying a files to CD or DVD is not straightforward. Longstop is a fairly simple command line tool which can perform this function and maintains a database tracking which files are on what media.

Originally Longstop was intended to address the issues of archiving to CD/DVD media, so can do a lot more than this.